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Building Plans

Whether you’re planning a new building project or making alterations to an existing building, Firecomply can provide a range of drawing solutions for your fire safety regime.

Building plan features

We can put together building plans to illustrate the following fire safety features within your building:




Fire doors


Automatic fire detection


Fire extinguishers


Emergency lighting


Assembly points.

Evacuation plans

A fire risk assessment will sometimes show that there is no formal evacuation plan, or the existing plan needs to be reviewed or corrected. We can provide such evacuation plans on an ad hoc basis, according to your needs. If necessary, we can liaise with the local fire service to help mitigate any enforcement action following an incident.

Personal emergency evacuation plans

Certain properties require personal emergency evacuation plans, also called PEEPs, if vulnerable or disabled people live or work in the property. If this applies to you, it’s particularly important to agree a specific personal plan that is acceptable to the local fire service, especially since many existing plans rely on the fire service to attend within a short time to carry out the evacuation. Once again, we can also arrange any necessary dialogue with the local fire service, to help mitigate any enforcement action following an incident.

If you need more information, simply get in touch today to find out more.

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