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Arson Protection

Arson is one of the most common causes of fire in the UK, but as a building owner or manager, it is possible to mitigate against the risks. This means you need a comprehensive service to ensure your fire safety system complies with legal requirements and offers a reasonable level of protection. The fire services call this “Arson Target Hardening”.

Preventative measures

There are some very common sense basic steps you can take to reduce the risk of arson. For example, never leave discarded furniture under a window, as this can present a tempting target for an arsonist, whatever their motive. Other preventative steps may require a little more investment and technology, such as CCTV cameras to deter arsonists from your premises.

Identifying the risks

The best way to start protecting your premises from arson is to make sure you have a current fire risk assessment, which identifies the arson risks. This will help you to ensure you put measures in place which mitigate against those risks and ensure the safety of your premises and the people within it, as far as possible.


Concerned about arson?

If you have concerns about protecting your premises from arson, why not invite one of our former fire officers to come and visit you?

For further details please get in touch and tell us what your concerns are.

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